Illicit Drug Use ...commentary

I wonder why some very harmful drugs are sanctioned, even promoted, by the government and others are so strictly verboten that we have a continual "war on drugs" ...even a "Drug Czar" to wage a nominal struggle to keep them from our borders. Does anyone think all this effort keeps such drugs out of the hands of folks who want them? From all accounts, we seem to be struggling against an inevitable tide that is really futile to attempt to turn. We faced that issue with alcohol during prohibition ...and cigarettes are openly promoted while we know the ingredients in tobacco are the leading cause of preventable death in America. Its big business, with lots of $$$ changing hands, big profits to be made.

What of the profits being made in the illicit drug business? What of the lives being lost over the trade in this industry. And, yes, it's an industry. Billions of $$$ in this country alone. And look at the crime centered on this industry! Turf. Territorial Domain. Children being inducted into gangs. Children who can make more in a month than their father can make in a legitimate business in a year. A continual con to engage folks who, on their own, would never be inclined to "try this, you'll like it!" The continual lure to try the "forbidden" seduces so many who would not otherwise be inclined to do so.

Why doesn't the government sponsor government run drug stores, just like they do liquor stores? Would you who donít already use illicit drugs go to a store to buy such drugs sold at government-cost-plus-3% just because they were there and available? I don't really think so!

Why not take away the huge profit factor by making these now-illicit drugs available at the true cost of the drug, taking away the "big money interests" in the drug trade; take away the element that causes so much of our nation's turf wars that are at the heart of our 'neighborhood gang' culture? If there were a government run "drug store" in every town, I think we would be significantly improving the lot for our children who are being tempted to "turn the easy buck" by falling prey to the lure of the forbidden. Were our government to provide this service, do you really think any more of our citizens would partake of these drugs that are so harmful than do so already? Any kid can tell you today where to get whatever drug you may want ...right in your town. And it's been that way for years!

So who's kidding who? We spend so much time, effort and human life to wage this "war" on drugs while we should be doing all that is possible to eliminate the profit motive from this world-wide business. We could easily stop the drug cartel in its tracks. Does anyone really think "government" is going to stop the illicit drug trade using its present tactics? Sometimes, I think government is just going thru the motions because it is expected of them by "the public", whoever that is. And I think that most of the public doesn't really care because the issue doesn't involve them ó it's someone else's kid, someone else's problem. "What a shame! Why doesn't someone do something about it?"

I think something can be done. It's my belief that were there not such outrageous profits to be made, much of the really bad things that are happening because of our present approach to this issue would be markedly diminished. Take those profits away. Legitimize drug stores. The government could save a lot of funds now expended on fighting an endless war, and in the process save many of our children from a life of crime that at present is so lucrative. Moreover, the drug cartel would have to find something else to do.

Those are my thoughts on this matter. What do you think?

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